How Social Media is Making Your Life Easier

Clinical RecruitmentWe’ve been hearing them say it for a few years now – “social media is changing the game.” And not just for MTV and Justin Bieber and that teenager who lives next door and listens to loud music all night long. Believe it or not, social media is changing the hiring game and making your life a lot easier.

Perhaps most importantly, social media is saving you time and money. Finding and recruiting candidates can be as easy as entering their name into a search engine. Linkedin is a great way to search for candidates and investigate their qualifications; you can search by job title, location, name, or any combination of these. If the profiles are filled out completely, you may be able to answer all of your pre-qualifying questions. This saves you time during your first connection with the candidate. Instead of spending time asking about their previous employment and responsibilities, you can speak about the details of the position and really evaluate the fit.

Because sites like Linkedin and Facebook have made it so much easier to find and connect with potential candidates for your open position, many companies are finding that they need to spend less man hours dedicated to sourcing candidates and reviewing resumes. Every second that your team is saved from leafing through hundreds of questionable resumes can be dedicated towards reaching out to those that are qualified.

The blossoming of social media has made it easier to get a look at the “real” person you are hiring and how they act outside of the office. Resumes from candidates who post negative comments about their job or boss are tossed into the garbage, as are resumes from candidates who post inappropriate material. Almost everyone can act normal for a few hours during an interview, and social media could save you from hiring someone who is not a fit to the environment.

As you can see, social media is making communication and life in general a lot easier for those involved in the hiring process. When used correctly, sites like Linkedin and Facebook can be used to find, recruit, and hire the most qualified candidate for the position.

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Written by Katie Fidler

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